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Hydrofluoric acid

Industrial hydrofluoric acid


ItemTop-gradeFirst gradeQualified product
Appearancecolorless transparent solution
Hydrogen fluoride %≥
Fluorosilicic acid %≤
Involatile acid(as H2SO4 ) %≤
Special specifications of Industrial hydrofluoric acid are available


        Mainly used in the production of salts fluoride to engrave and erode the glass, clean metal, treat surface, and so on.  

        It is used in the semiconductor industry as a major component of Wright Etch and buffered oxide etch, which are used to clean silicon wafers. In a similar manner it is also used to etch glass by treatment with silicon dioxide to form gaseous or water-soluble silicon fluorides. It can also be used to polish and frost glass.

        In a standard oil refinery process known as alkylation, isobutane is alkylated with low-molecular-weight alkenes (primarily a mixture of propylene and butylene) in the presence of an acid catalyst derived from hydrofluoric acid. The catalyst protonates the alkenes (propylene, butylene) to produce reactive carbocations, which alkylate isobutane. The reaction is carried out at mild temperatures (0 and 30 °C) in a two-phase reaction.


        The content of HF of the products is 35-70%. The production will be organized according to the requirements of the clients.